Changing the Last


Shoe manufacturers often build shoes on certain lasts. a foot model with dimensions and shape similar to to a foot, but different enough to not be exact, the last affects the sizing and fit of a particular shoe as well as its durability. in certain instances manufacturers can take a shoe style from one last and place it on to another last to accommodate certain foot changes and size issues while keeping the original style and cosmetics of the shoe. this is useful for patients with particular foot conditions such as a diabetic charcot foot.

Standard Summit 95 last

8/8 heel height

Standard Summit SD WS last

8/8 heel height

an example using two P.W. Minor Lasts. Notice the difference not so much at the forefoot but in the midfoot section.


Shown below is an example of how two different shoe styles can be combined onto one particular last. in this case a PW minor diplomat shoe was put onto a summit SD WS last. an example of a lord pillow back is shown to show the normal style of shoe used on this last.

PW Minor Diplomat

Summit 95 Last

PW Minor Lord Pillowback

Summit WS SD Last

top aspect of the new hybrid shoe, note the wide shank from the lord pillow back but the design from the diplomat.

summit WS SD last

a side view of the shoe, note the rocker sole.