Rocker Soles

Types and Applications.


The Rocker Bar

The rocker bar is a longer metatarsal bar shaped with considerable convexity and can help take more pressure off the MP joints then a standard external metatarsal bar. This bar can be used to relieve metatarsal pain, quicken or shorten the gait cycle, or assist dorsiflexion. A rigid rocker may relieve hallux rigidus and problems caused by limited motion of the ankle.


Common Types:



Mild Rocker Sole

This type of rocker is used to relieve pressure on the metatarsals as well as increase propulsion, assist gait and reduce the energy used in the effort of walking



Toe Only Rocker Sole

This rocker loads weight bearing areas of the foot proximal to the MT heads and provides a very stable midstance. It also reduces the shock of toe off.



Heel to Toe Rocker Sole

The heel to toe rocker decreases heel strike while increasing motion and propulsion at toe off. It is also used to shorten the stride and reduce floor reaction force impact on the calcaneus.



Negative Heel Rocker Sole

This rocker unloads the forefoot by shifting the load to the rearfoot and midfoot while accommodating fixed dorsiflexion



Severe Angle Rocker Sole (Carvelle Rocker Sole)

this rocker removes all weight bearing forces anterior to the MT heads



Double Rocker Sole

This complex rocker decreases heel impact, shortens the stride, reduces floor reaction forces on the calcaneus and metatarsal heads